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A future dream

All kinds of lifestyle components wishes, imaginings, practical theories, concepts, strategies beyond the personal:- not to be undone by the unscrupulous, are the aim of this blog….as we mature restrictions of all kinds home in on our selves,our  communities and our aspirations are changed…but looking back if we have made an effort to be reasonable and not too self orientated there is a notion that experience and confidence can combine with the enthusiasm of those younger and widsom, improvement and success can be achieved youth and wisdom working together? … so the question is do i accept being almost over the hill work-wise and give in trying to be an almost self employed individual and vegetate or relinquish freedom and creativity and my own home working space and do something more productive as others see it and look for work elsewhere…(personally i see homeworking  as being wonderfully creative and in touch…)

There are so many possibilities of making small but worthwhile changesL: maybe a job-share would work out and i’m not so old…i just see online networking as beyond adding my social life to my facebook and connecting just on the chat level (sorry teen) … so it seemed a cool idea to keep track of some interesting shared info, blogs, ideas … rather than just bookmark them and forget …

Like environment accounting, environment economics; the new economic thinking and obviously the use benefit and possible problems of social networking, plus blogging and the fun of online people as friends networking…

Every culture has its own concerns…how do you internet traverse the info thats so abundantly awsome yet so mindbogglingly possibly incorrect, biased or based on just opinion we accept that television programme makers are not on oath and accept its up sides and downsides and then theres the press misinformation…its bad enough discussing info in a local pub…but the internet isnt just local community with similarish views or understandable alternatives…its global, and out there for everyone to view, judge and comment…make assumptions and possibly act on those assumptions…so many differnet lifesyles, so many different intrenched views, can we really move beyond them?

Do we stick our necks out, help each other, make decisions based on the media, social networks or written material?? Fade away into, it’s all too much for me? Or define a few ok and not ok boundaries and stand by them no matter what?? Do we sign the petition that arrives in our inbox? Are we really being totally monitored? Does it matter?

Delve into a few possibly murky waters, learn a little, find some bright shiny ideals and incorporate them, filter them through our agegroup consiousness and see what we can hold onto personally without compromising ourselves??

Family world, mums world, parenting all direct us on paths we perhaps wouldn’t have chosen if we were individuals with only ourselves to look after, but out there alot of things need some tweaking… and in the meantime theres so much awsome creativity that theres hardly any time to cook dinner…

Thats a bit much for a bank holiday monday… but might.make an interesting blog when theres a few links and other blogs added to read, peruse on a rainy day…


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