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For Psychometric Test…read personality quiz

and isn’t free either…


Most importantly…Finance

Work out how much you need to live on (in the UK the govt. boost low incomes by £50 week for low earners…and be careful not to apply for or accept a wage or salary that won’t keep a roof over your head and basic food and utility, credit card payments etc…
It’s something women often forget if they have been home people for ages…and the value of money changes and utilities can increase 100% in one year if we include the company standing charges.
If its contract work you can wait 5  to 6 weeks for a first salary and have to fund 9 to 10 weeks without money coming in, and then at the end of the contract whatever the final salary is, divided by the govt applicable amount (in the UK) before benefits will be paid out if there is no more work.
Banks can stop accounts if the right money isnt uncoming…
Its quite a roll-a-coaster…

Self employment?? More later…

Then there’s the Psychometric testing…



The hyperlink to input data


Is the Astrology good for starting back to work??


Input your data, or todays data…(i prefer the Astrology of today than when i was born) sometimes,its entertaining, sometimes not….

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