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New discovery at Avebury may answer century old questions (From The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald)


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Getting a screen print or embroidery quote




The Graphics Fairy – Vintage Images, DIY Tutorials & Craft Projects


My new blog magazine style

Am running round the internet, with my android smartphone, checking the wordpress app for new posts on the blog reads i follow…. it’s supercool to be able to read the super-ordinary people musings and thoughts and see the pics… like a world in microcosm…if i have followed your blog and left a ‘can i reblog’ post i presume its ok if theres a press this widget… thanks to the folk who have replied with a yes to adding their blog to my small magazine.  The blogs are in categories on the right, and the categories will evolve as i go along…not all the blogs are added yet, but i’m pleased with the new bright theme.

I wander my local park often, and stop to read some blogs over a coffee from their cafe…you can go to the the blog i make about the local park and the area i live in by clicking on the gravatar image.

a wet Monday

a wet Monday.


Awsome pics, and a super blog design… hoping to add it to my blogroll… the share buttons are there to reblog… and i just love the blog title… one of the first i picked when looking for good reads… pemission was asked for the reblog

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