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Walks Around Britain’s blog



Cool Info:- University courses at the Eden Project, Cornwall


Looked for and found supa Character Descriptive info – and also Kinja

The student info on character descriptive info is on

http:// qaawyrdrealm.wordpress.com.WordPress.com/

The blog site I09 directed me to is Kinja.com

Cool so far…

searching their info this ‘article’ turned up..

Cool but a tad uncool..

Hoping it’s not there to trap kids, we’ll see.


Welcome to Nottinghamshire


Tweet from TweetCaster

@UNICEF: What kind of year was 2015 for children around the world? http://uni.cf/1TmJG6x
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WordPress.org vs WordPress.com: A Definitive Guide For 2015 – WPMU DEV


@UNICEFEducation: Tomorrow is Int’l Day to End #ViolenceagainstWomen

@UNICEFEducation: Tomorrow is Int’l Day to End #ViolenceagainstWomen!Get stories,messages&videos from @UN_Women: http://ow.ly/r5EJh #orangeurworld #16days
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